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Maya is a humongous program, and we shall only dip our toe into its vastness.

Maya essentials

Maya Interface: Maya's interface.

Maya Outliner: The Outliner: where objects can be selected and ordered.

Maya Navigate: How to navigate Maya's interface.

Maya Create: Creating simple geometry in Maya.

Maya Display Mode: The viewport shading modes of Maya.

Maya Transform: Simple transform operations in Maya.

Maya Component Modes: Polygon models are composed of three components...

Maya Modeling: The basic modeling tools of Maya.

Maya Material, Mapping and Texture: The relationship between a material, a UV map and a texture.

Maya Misc: Some miscellaneous Maya related stuff.

Maya workflows

Maya Render Passes to Nuke: Maya Render Passes to Nuke workflow.

Nuke Camera Track to Maya: The Nuke to Maya (and back) camera track workflow.

Maya Rendering: Rendering in Maya.

External teaching material

A very nice 'newbie oriented' intro to Maya's interface. .