Color Operations Visualised

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There is a color node in Nuke called Multiply, however there are also multiply parameters in many of the other color nodes such as Grade and ColorCorrect. Additionally, it is possible to do a color correction that is identical to a multiplication using a node such as ColorLookup that has no explicit multiplication parameter. To queer the pitch even further, some of these operations are called by different names in different places, despite being identical.

Because of this muddled commonality between nodes, it would serve us well if we could separate nodes from what they do. Below is a list of all the significant color operations available to any digital color editor. Most of them are the result of simple maths and this maths is visualized in the quaintly named 'Though form' column. This is the 'shape' of the color operation as it is visualized using a sampler node.

Calculation name AKA Nodes Thought form
Add Add, Grade, ColorCorrect, ColorLookup. Col add.png
Contrast S Shaped curve RolloffContrast, ColorCorrect, ColorLookup Col contrast.png
Gamma Gamma, Grade, ColorCorrect, ColorLookup Col gamma.png
Lift Offset Grade, ColorLookup Col lift.png
Multiply Gain, Brightness, Exposure Multiply, Grade, ColorCorrect, ColorLookup Col multiply.png
Clamp Clamp, ColorLookup Col clamp.png
Saturation Saturation, ColorCorrect Col sat.png