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The philosophy of this Wiki is simple: it does not aim to give a complete coverage of every aspect of Nuke practice. It seeks, instead, to give the sort of information that a newbie will require, with particular attention to anything that might confuse or confound. More detailed learning material can be found at:
The Refference Guide (tools only)
This is an easy to navigate guide to all of Nuke's nodes, each one with its own help page. At the bottom of each help page is a link to learning videos.
Refference guide (full)
This is a more fully featured version of the same thing. Less easy to navigate, but more info.
A good book
Nuke 101: Professional Compositing and Visual Effects: Ron Ganbar's wonderful book on Nuke. Ideal for newbies.
And some good intro movies
Nuke interface overview, Importing footage / elements, Constructing node networks, A YouTube playlist: learning the basics of Nuke.
Plenty of websites and resources.
Nuke is a popular app with a wide user base.
Additionally, through RMIT library you have access to training vids.
I recommend checking out 'NUKE Essential Training' by Steve Wright.