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At first glance Nuke looks really difficult to learn, with its odd interface without any apparent timeline and its node-based workflow. But as one gets use to the principle of node-based compositing, it quickly becomes a lot easier. Then... it becomes difficult again as its many nuances become apparent.

Nuke's main panes

The seven main panes of Nuk'e interface, only five of which can be regarded as vital (marked with asterisks).

Nuke's panels

Node Graph *

Viewer *

Curve Editor *

Properties Bin *

Toolbar *

Script Editor

Dope Sheet


Pixel Analyzer

Other interface elements

Most of the complexity of Nuke does not live in its panels, but within the properties of the many nodes within the Toolbar. Though these properties are different in each node, they share a good deal of interface similarity.

Properties Panel

The Project Settings is where the settings specific to that project are defined. These should be set at the very beginning of your project.

Project Settings