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The Properties Bin is not complex, acting as little more than a container for the properties of any node that is double-clicked. Subsequent double clicks on other nodes will load their properties panels. At the top of the bin is a set of knobs:

  • The maximum number of panels is determined by the 'maxPanes' value, in the top left hand corner of the Properties Bin.
  • The little 'lock icon' next to it will lock currently loaded properties into place. Any subsequent properties will load up as floating panels.
  • The 'cross' icon will, if ticked, clear the properties bin of properties.

The knobs at the top of the Properties Bin.
It is possible to live without the Properties Bin. If the lock icon is pressed and the Properties bin pane is floated (right click over pane for the float panel options), all properties panels will now load as floating windows. This releases a lot of valuable Node Graph real estate.

The Foundries introduction to the Properties Bin