The Color Nodes

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This is such a large topic that it deserves an entire Wiki devoted to it. However...

Color and Nuke

Why Nuke is and isn't a great color manipulator.

Color in Nuke: an Intro

Color nodes

Really important nodes are marked with a asterix:


Multiply *


ColorLookup *


ColorCorrect *

Exposure (and why not to use it)

Grade *

Histogram (and why it isn't so great)

HueCorrect *



Saturation *

Sampler *

Color misc

Newbies are advised to read these in the order in which they are presented.

All color edits involve one or more discreet operations that are, at heart, entirely mathematical. This is a list of them and their 'visualisation' derived from a Sampler node:

Visualizing Color Operations Using the Sampler Node

This is a table of which color operations are to be found in which Node:

Color Operations and Nuke's color nodes

An intro to the common interface elements of the color nodes:

The Color Node Interface

What are the common color workflows?

Color Workflow

When doing a color manipulation on an image it is wise to seek feedback on its color values. Heres how:

Getting Visual Feedback on color

Color management blues? The cure:

Color Management