The Color Nodes

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This is such a large topic that it deserves an entire Wiki devoted to it. However...

Color nodes

Really important nodes are marked with an asterix:

Math sub menu

Multiply *


ColorLookup *


ColorCorrect *

Exposure (and why not to use it)


Grade *

Histogram (and why it isn't so great)

HueCorrect *



Saturation *

Sampler *

Color misc

Visualizing Color Operations Using the Sampler Node
All color edits involve one or more discrete operations that are, at heart, entirely mathematical. They may be visualized using the Sampler node, using the method described in this page.
Color Operations Visualised
Using the Sampler Node technique, basic color operations are visualised. These operations are also related to specific nodes.
Color Node Interface
All color nodes feature a color picker, using which a color may be selected.
Color Grading
A short review of color grading.
[Evaluating Color]].
When color grading an image, it is useful to seek feedback on what you are doing. Nuke has many tools with which this can be done.
Color in Nuke: an Intro
Why Nuke is and isn't a great color manipulator: