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There is nothing much to say about the Toolbar, other than that it is very badly named. It should be called the Node Bar or something, because this is where all the nodes live. The Nodes is where most of the action occurs in Nuke. These are the node families of the Toolbar...

Icon Link
Tool Bar 01.png Image
Tool Bar 02.png Draw
Tool Bar 03.png Time
Tool Bar 04.png Channel
Tool Bar 05.png Color
Tool Bar 06.png Filter
Tool Bar 07.png Keyer
Tool Bar 08.png Merge
Tool Bar 09.png Transform
Tool Bar 010.png 3D
Tool Bar 011.png Particles
Tool Bar 012.png Deep
Tool Bar 013.png Views
Tool Bar 014.png Metadata
Tool Bar 015.png ToolSets
Tool Bar 016.png Other